Greetings from 20 Mile Farm in Two Rivers, Alaska, and welcome to our website.

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    We are 20 Mile Farm.
    It is our mission to produce a wide variety of fresh, local, organically grown foods and deliver these delicious and highly nutritious foods to our Interior Alaska neighbors at reasonable prices.

    20 Mile Farm is a small, family operation focused on growing nutrient-rich vegetables and pastured poultry, and producing high quality eggs.  While the dream of our farm dates back several years, we began selling produce in the summer of 2008 — from a half-acre garden on reclaimed homestead land. We firmly believe our overall well-being comes from eating healthy, naturally grown, minimally processed foods, produced from organically rich, chemical-free soil.  We feel privileged to be in a position to offer the same delicious, healthful foods we ourselves enjoy.

    Who are we? The Stamey family - Roy, Joyce, and Mackenzie (pictured above).

    Crops/products We do not yet claim a ‘specialty’, but we enjoy growing as wide a variety of greens as we can accommodate. We continue to experiment with vegetable varieties best suited to our short, cool climate — those that claim the highest nutrient value. In addition to vegetables, we keep a flock of layers (New Hampshire Reds) and sell fresh brown eggs. We also sell — on a very limited and pre-ordered basis – dressed heritage breed chickens and turkeys. We hope to add goats and sheep in the future.

    Growing methods We describe ourselves as agri-ecologists and consider our gardens sacred space. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We continually work to improve our soil by adding compost, fish meal, manures, leaves, straw, grass clippings, and when needed, OMRI approved amendments. To date, amendments have not been needed. We strive to improve our growing systems naturally and continually study ways in which to maintain natural balance.  Our best teacher has been the garden itself.

    Where to buy our products Our marketing outlets include on-site sales, local deliveries, the Home Grown Market in Fairbanks, and the Tanana Valley Farmers’ Market. We began a small CSA program in the 2011 season. We anticipate offering a larger number of shares for the 2012 season.

    Educational and/or work opportunities We do not yet provide internships, but we do invite WWOOF volunteers. We hire occasional, part-time help during the growing season.

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